Visions for the 2021 volleyball season


Samantha Cerda, Staff Writer

The volleyball season is commencing, and there are quite a few goals your Lady Spartans are working towards achieving. During the summer, the girl’s pre-season began August 6. Since then, the Lady Spartans have been putting in hard work to prepare for the start of district. The ladies are currently at 10-11 ¨I would say our season is going really well, we’ve been doing really good so far,¨ said Coach Elizondo, varsity volleyball coach.

With the season approaching quickly, the tension is high for the ladies to make it to play offs, which is one of their many goals for this season. With a team made up of four strong seniors, one sophomore, and the rest being juniors, the Lady Spartans volleyball team is in high hopes for a great season. One of the two team captains, Kyla Heine, mentioned, ¨I believe that with all the time and effort that not only the players but coaches as well we will be successful this season.¨ With extra running, lifting, and practicing the girls have put in since the summer there’s no doubt this will be a excellent season for them.

Go wish your Lady Spartans the best of luck as they begin district September 10!