Choir holds their Annual Spring Concert in preperation for UIL


Xavier Martinez, Co-Editor, Graphic Designer

On April 5, our Choir had its annual Spring Concert to prepare for UIL on April 20, 21, and 22. Where most Choirs won Sweepstakes; Varsity, Choral, and Spartan Women got straight Ones, while Varsity Men performed great as well.

“I feel that our performance as a group was absolutely amazing,” said Choir President, Isabelle Duran. “What I loved was that we didn’t perform for the scores, but we performed for ourselves. That change of mindset is what really made us go from good to drop-dead gorgeous. What I wish I’d done differently is take care of myself the day before. I didn’t hydrate well and I stayed up late to do homework (sorry Cavenaugh). But all in all, our months of hard work really paid off and I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

These students did an outstanding job a UIL this year, and it can really be seen in the way they worked with each other and with their Directors in preparation for both the Concert and UIL.

“Singing in front of an audience can sometimes be a scary thing; nerves can take a huge play on how someone performs and there can also be a lot of distraction in a live performance. There is nothing better to practice for competition than a live performance. I think the students did incredibly well and they were glad to perform this music that they had worked so hard on for months for their family and friends. I am so proud of their work. Of course, I am proud of their scores at UIL, but I am most proud of the heart and spirit they put into their performance,” said Head-Choir Director, Mrs. Cavenaugh-Woodard.

In the end, the effort the Directors and Students put in was not only seen but praised. With amazing scores at UIL, and an amazing Concert held for Parents and Peers. Hard Work really paid off, and we could not be more proud of our Porter High School Choir.

“I was extremely happy to present three choirs at UIL Concert and Sightreading this year. Our students learned essential musical skills, of course, but more importantly learned lessons of resilience, grit, goal-setting, and teamwork. Everyone in the PHS choir program is better equipped for future success for having gone to UIL. I am extremely proud of their hard work and their clear love of music-making.