Tragedy hits close to home; students ask why

Tragedy hits close to home; students ask why

Samantha Cerda, Staff Writer

On Tuesday morning, May 24, 2022 a 18 year old opened fire at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. As of now, we know there have been 18 victims confirmed, many we still don’t know the condition of. Of those 18 victims, 17 were children. Children between the ages of 7-10. Children that shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they will come home or not. Kids who shouldn’t have to even know what a school shooting is, much less live in fear of one. Why has it come to this?

How many more children have to die? How many more students? Considering the fact that the  United States government, especially the Texas government won’t do much to abide for stricter gun laws, how much hope do we really have? This can’t keep being just an media incident. And by that I mean it cannot keep being something we have to continue advocating for, someone needs to do something about it. And while many may believe that applying stricter gun laws isn’t the solution, there are many more factors to in which there could be a solution. By raising the age to buy a gun, by bringing back the law to have a permit to carry a firearm. Just more stricter laws in general.

There will be people saying it’s not the gun it’s the person. And yeah there is truth to that, because a bad person will always find a way to do a bad thing. But by increasing the secure of more gun laws we could be able to minimize the number. Where’s the proof? In April of 1996 Australia dealt with their largest mass shooting yet. Since then, Australia introduced a comprehensive gun control regimen, now they deal with little to no zero shootings, their numbers have dropped down to nearly zero. Why is it we only hear about this happening in America? Simple answer is that government has done nothing to stop the murders happening left and right.

So I ask again, how many more children have to die?