PHS’ New Principal


Chaz Stringfellow, Former Writer

This school year has been the most unique educational change we’ve ever had. From the epidemic changing how we live and think to moving almost entirely online. All of these changes may be beneficial or harmful, depending on the student. There is one change everyone can look forward to however; Mr. Condarco!

Porter High School’s new Principal for the 2020-2021 school year is Cesar Condarco. The role of high school Principal is a daunting one, but Condarco is excited to take on the challenge. Previously the Principal of Keefer Crossing Middle School, his visions and goals are for the student’s best interests and overall success.

“Porter High School will foster an environment that empowers students to be innovative, competitive, along with being academically, socially, and emotionally sound so they are prepared to meet real world challenges as resourceful and productive members,” Condarco said.

He already has some years under his belt, and there is no doubt he can handle this job.

“Being in New Caney ISD the past two years have been great and I love working in this community,” Condarco said.

The enthusiasm Mr. Condarco inspires is sure to uplift the atmosphere of the school for both students and staff.

“Concise communication and talent management are clearly at the top of his priorities,” teacher Julie Densmore said.

Condarco is someone we need during this global pandemic to help maintain what once was.

“The vision is that every student has equal opportunity for success in every class and program,” Condarco said.

Everyone has a chance to make memories and become the best version of themselves, no matter what the world throws at them. This is the mantra Condarco has for Porter High School. Through our help, it can become a reality.