PHS Spartan Choral brings holiday joy through the halls with caroling


Photo by PHS Choir

Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The Spartan Choral has finally begun their caroling season. The varsity mixed choir started their caroling season December 1st and will continue for the whole month of December until winter break begins. They will be caroling at NCISD schools and at PHS during 2nd period.

“It is a time where Choral gets together and sings winter music, Christmas music, and we dress up in our 18th hundreds Victorian outfits, top hats, petticoats all of that. We go caroling around the community, around elementary schools, middle schools, and even around Porter High School,” says choir director, Caroline Cavenaugh-Woodard.

For Choral caroling is an exciting time of year where they can bring out Christmas joy by singing favorite Christmas songs and spreading the Christmas spirit.

“I love caroling and I love being with my friends in these outfits so it’s really what keeps me going. I also love to sing and I feel like singing to people makes them smile especially little kids and that puts the fun into it. I get to make other people happy putting on these outfits, singing for people and that’s what I could ever want, make people happy by just singing and having a smile on my face,” said senior Aaralynn Senn.

Caroling also allows choral students to connect with each other and spend more time by having something they enjoy and like.

“It’s a part of a choir that I enjoy and I get to connect with a lot of people, a lot of my friends, and a lot of people that I don’t really know in the choir, like in Choral. It’s overall a fun time,” said senior Isaac Hernandez.

Many members in the Spartan Choral enjoy caroling because they are able to dress up in Victorian outfits and they spread positivity in the New Caney ISD community.

“I love to dress up. Whenever I dress up for caroling in our Victorian outfits I feel awesome, it excites me, and we go spread joy by singing Christmas songs to other people. I think that is one of my favorite parts when caroling, spreading joy. I also get to sing with my caroling partners and they are super awesome and we are like a family, a choir family. We also help spread positivity around the community,” said junior Jan Fajardo.


Photo by PHS Choir