Kenzie Zipprian, Graphic Designer

This year’s PHS Engineering department has had a lot of things to come in hand for them. Although Covid-19 has made things hard, Engineering has had a lot to take up with it. 

Although “Covid-19 affected them terribly,” engineering teacher Craig Maddux said, they still made their way up into the Semi-Finals for their Samsung SFT.   

This year, six of the PHS Engineering students have decided to compete in the Samsung SFT Challenge. They came up with an idea called the “Gen-Bridge.” When Covid-19 hit, many people, like the elderly, were stuck indoors with no one to talk to. With the Gen-Bridge, it gave students an opportunity to talk with the elderly when visitors were not allowed. Before, students were allowed to zoom the elderly and play small games like chess or checkers. Now, they had an app where they were, with just a few easy clicks, able to access Gen-Bridge easily.   

Although Covid-19 made things hard, the PHS engineering students and teachers have made the best out of this year, and are connecting students with the community.