French club helps members learn new culture holidays and celebrations


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The French club is looking for new members to join the 2021-2022 club. The French club allows students to learn about the French culture, customs, and the language without being in a French class. Meetings are once a month in M101. To join, students just need to see the French club sponsor Carla Harbour in M101.

“It feels amazing to be in the French club because I never thought I would be the type of person to be in the French club, but it is exciting. At first I was like why should I join French club because I thought I wouldn’t be good, but it is a great opportunity,” said club member Krisslynn Watkins.

French club allows students to learn about an overseas culture that many do not know about and it gives them an introduction to the French holidays and cultures. Being in this club allows students to realize that even though the culture is from a different country, they sometimes share the same goals. Seeing and learning the French cultureĀ  can also make students want to learn the language.

“It is a good way to realize that we are not that much different than other folks that live in other faraway places that have common goals and interests. It gives them more confidence with being willing to learn a language and want to participate because they can see what these other places look like,” said Harbour.

For some students being in French club gives them the opportunity to learn another language that they don’t know much of. It also encourages them to travel to places they might have thought not to go because of a language barrier.

“If I ever go to Paris I will be able to talk to people and if I have questions I will be able to ask them. If I get good at it, I will also be able to teach others,” said club member Madeleen Cortez.

For the month of December, the French club will be learning about what French people do to celebrate Christmas.

“We learn what the French do on Christmas because they celebrate for the whole month. They don’t just have Christmas day,” said Harbor.

In January, French clubs usually celebrate the French holiday of the epiphany. They celebrate this holiday by having a king’s cake. They also learn about Mari-Gras and many other French celebrations.

In order to join it is not required to be in the French class and students are allowed to just show up to join at the next meeting.

I enjoy having opportunities for the kids to come in and share about themselves because it is a lot more relaxing than being in an actual classroom,” said Harbour.