Baseball season begins early February at Davis High

Baseball season begins early February at Davis High

Kori Wilkinson, Staff Writer

As February approaches, so does the 2021-2022 baseball season. Attached below is the schedule for all three teams. The varsity baseball team will also have their annual Meet the Spartans event on February 5, 2022 where the community can meet the 21-22 PHS baseball team, attend a baseball clinic, and schedule a poster and autograph section. A cookout lunch will be provided by the spartan baseball club. For more information about the Meet the Spartans, contact Coach Ralph through email: [email protected].

The varsity baseball team members are:


Jake Tatom 

Ralph Martinez 

Ethan Achee

Jordan Reese

Davin Askew

Payton Evans-Pickens

Jorge Tavares

Adrien Espitia

Joey Blanco

Blake Russell

Daniel Cortinas

Michael Benzor

Colin Carney

Zane Adams

Josh Evans-Pickens

Victor Fortuna Cabreja

Lino Varela Arocha