Big prize incentives used to encourage STAAR test passing


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

For the new second semester, principal Cesar Condarco has come up with an incentive that could help students improve their EOC scores. The EOC incentive gives students who are taking EOCs this year a chance to participate in a raffle and win prizes. Students who also pass their EOC tests will also get the chance to attend a celebration.

“For all the subjects that have to take an EOC test, we are going into those classes this semester to give them an incentive to blow off the top of their EOC tests. Last year has been rough, and Mr.Condarco knows that and he’s was trying to give people a little award.” says, Kathleen Hart Abel

Principle Condarco believes that this could help motivate students to do better on bundle tests and on EOC tests. In order to be in the raffle, students must be in either English 1, English 2, Algebra, Biology, or US History. Raffle tickets are given every tie the EOC class has a bundled test. To receive the raffle tickets students must pass their class bundle test. The maximum bundle test tickets students can get is 4 per EOC class, so students that have more than one EOC class are allowed to get tickets from that other class. Principle Condarco believes that this could help motivate students to do better on their EOCs.

“It gives them the extra motivation,” says, principal Cesar Condarco, “There are some kids that are doing very well just because that is who they are but there are also some kids that can get a chance to win this just because they put a bit more effort into it.So I think it affects in a good way,  

To earn tickets students must meet an approaches score on the bundle test. If they meet the approaches score students can get 1 ticket. If they score meets they get 2 and if they hit masters they receive 3 tickets. Students also get a chance of earning one more ticket if they have a growth of 10% from the last bundle they took. The tickets will then be put in a box of the prize they would like to earn. Teachers are hoping that this would motivate and help students to do better on their bundle tests in preparation for their EOC.

“The last couple of years have been so hard on everybody and I think having something this huge because that’s(The Prizes) a whole bunch of bucks there, I’m hoping it will help a little bit, and I’m excited about it.” says, Hart

The prizes that students will get a chance to win in this EOC Incentive will be an Apple Watch, 55’TV, full-size gaming arcade, Laptop computer, or a gaming chair. The raffle will be held in April before the EOC testing. Students who pass their EOC  test will also get a chance to attend a party at the start of the next school year.

“I’ve heard in the hallway where kids are really excited about it where they win something and so I’m hoping that it helps and it like anything else when you do something you want to get rewarded and it’s just an idea on how to reward you guys students. So all the students that pass their test will have a celebration where they can get out of class. We are thinking of having food trucks out in the courtyard and dessert trucks,” says, Condarco, “I just think a lot of times we don’t focus on all the good all the time and on all the kids that are doing very well. It is another way to get the kids that are doing well to do well and the ones that aren’t right there and to push them forward and maybe do well where you can possibly win something. That was the whole idea of it all to help you guys feel like you guys are working for something and not just your grades but also think that you guys can win something if you do what you are supposed to be doing.”