Abigail Willard Advances to State V.A.S.E Competition


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

Student Abigail Willard will compete at the State V.A.S.E level with her ceramic cloche after her ceramic artwork was chosen in the V.A.S.E. Regional Event. The  State V.A.S.E competition will be held on April 28th and 29th in San Marcos, Tx.

 “I had no idea that the judges would like my cloche (the shape of my piece) so much and that I was actually able to advance,” said Willard. ” I know that there are so many awe-inspiring artists who are going to state with me and I am honestly so flattered to be found amongst them.”

The V.A.S.E Regional competition was held on February 18th at Bryan Highschool. Only 20 works, including Willard’s porcelain cloche with black graffito etching, were chosen out of the 974 that were entered making her one of the 20 people selected to advance to State, where artists from all over the state of Texas will compete with their works.

“Before I was told that my piece wasn’t with the rest of the meaning it would advance, we were all so nervous and excited talking about how great everybody was and guessing who from our school might have earned it and it almost didn’t feel real when Mrs. Zapp told me. I was completely flattered and barely able to process the information and everyone kept congratulating me, “said Willard. “I hope to meet more creatives who expand my own creativity and all I could want for my piece is that a few of them think it’s cool.”

For Willard, the creating process for her art piece was not just about competing and winning, but also about expressing her appreciation for art and how different people perceive things and art.

“During the process of this competition, I learned that you are your own worst critic and that other people see you, and in this case your art, as it is instead of as you thought it should have been,” said Willard. “The process of making my art is always really therapeutic. I use ceramics and painting as a way to zone out of any worries or stressors and focus on making something I love.”