Samsung team wins Nationals in D.C


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The Samsung engineering team left for Washington D.C. on May 12th and returned on the 17th to compete in the National Samsung Solve For Tomorrow, STEM competition. In this competition, these students will be presenting their project and hopefully secure the title of 2023 National Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Community Choice Winner and the $100,000 prize. For the Samsung team, this is a great way to gain some knowledge in the STEM field.

“I love this competition, I believe it is a great opportunity for high school students to be able to do something related to engineering that can show them what their future can be like if they stay in the field,”  engineering team member Carmen Condarco said.”I am very excited for the trip, I get to be with my friend and get to talk to real engineers and real employees that work in the stem field.”

The Samsung competition is one of the biggest STEM competitions in the country a competition where engineering students can create a project. The project consists of the engineering team coming together and designing something that could help the community. This year the Samsung team decided to come up with a product that would help bees. Their product, HiveHub, consists of a monitor that can monitor bee hives and help beekeepers regulate the temperature of their bee hives to allow them to stay healthy.

“We came up with the idea because we were looking at the freezes that happened especially here and we have a large beekeeper community, like Mr.Fortenbery,” engineering team member Micheal Robbins said.”We wanted to help these guys out and make sure the bees stay alive.”

The Samsung team members are excited about this competition. This competition has allowed them to create and think outside of the box for a product that could potentially help the community by allowing them to explore their creativity. Multiple members suggest that they were able to improve as engineers and become more active in the stem, which many of them plan to do once they graduate, thanks to the competition.

“My feeling towards the competition is great, I have been in it since I was a freshman and I’ve loved every single part of it,” Robbins said.”I love being able to be just able to design a project, kinda deciding as a group because the teachers kind of help obviously but we kind of take what we want to do ourselves and how we want to design it ourselves and I just like that amount of freedom. Our whole goal of our team is to just become better engineers.”