Working Out in Masks


Marnie Allen, Former Editor

The beginning of the 2020 – 2021 school year has been anything but normal. Everyone is experiencing the effects of our current circumstances. Hand sanitizer stations every fifteen feet, closed water fountains, and socially distanced seats in the cafeteria are but few of the many changes this school year. However, there is one inconvenient variation in my day to day life that seems to rise above all others: wearing a mask. The face masks are a justified requirement to keep everyone safe but as an athlete, the mask tends to be a nuisance.

“When you run, you’re already trying to catch your breath,” senior Debanny Cerda said. “Having to put on the mask just makes it so much harder to breathe.”

All participants in Porter High School’s athletic program are required to wear masks almost 95% of the time.

“It makes it difficult to focus on your sport when you’re more worried about whether or not the mask is covering your nose, but we understand that wearing a mask is necessary for everyone’s safety,” Cerda said.

Our coaches support and encourage athletes to wear masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“The Athletic Department has issued all athletes and coaches a mask to wear at practice and competitions,” Assistant Athletic Coordinator Angela Gober said. “It is like any other change, it has to become a habit. If this will keep people safe, lessen the chance of spreading disease, and still be able to play our sports, we are doing it.”

The athletic directors on campus respect all precautions put in place by Covid-19 specialists.

“We are adhering to all CDC, State of Texas, UIL, and Montgomery County guidelines related to Covid-19,” Gober said.

The masks, although there to keep us safe, are a difficult adjustment for the athletes of Porter High School. However, we cannot let these new challenges stop us from reaching our full potential as competitors. If we keep persevering nothing will be able to stop us.