Shane Clemmer, Contributing Writer

Voting. A concept that is well-known by Americans, as it should be, considering many things in our country are decided by elections. Presidents, judges, mayors, and governors are all voted upon by the general population, and if not, they are decided by elected officials. Voting is the cornerstone of a successful democracy. But yet, far too few people vote. Especially in younger voters from ages 18-29.

According to a article from the 2016 election, only 46.1% of this young voter group actually voted. Considering that both sexes combined population, age 18-29, equals 53.7 million, that would mean that only 24.8 million citizens in that age group voted in the Presidential Election. In an election that ended so close, it could have been won by either party if 100% of the younger generation voted.

The majority of the people in America who don’t vote are a part of the younger generation. This is concerning, as the younger generation tends to be the most outspoken about their beliefs, especially with the rise of social media. So why don’t we show up to the polling booth? We could be the deciding factor of an election if we all went out and voted.

Tomorrow, November 3rd, will be Election Night in America, an election that has no doubt been highly anticipated by both parties. The voter turnout for this year is expected to be the highest since 1908. What does this mean for us? In a year that has undoubtedly been incredibly difficult for everyone, this year’s election could be the single most important one in American history. Countless issues are on the docket to be resolved by the next President, no matter who it is.

Voting is such an important part of our society for these reasons. As the younger generation, we hold the future of America in our hands, quite literally. This election is expected to be extremely close, and either candidate could come out on top. So I urge any and all people reading this to realize how much their vote matters, and to use the opportunities and rights given to you to make a difference in this nation.

We are the future, and if we want to build the America of our dreams, we have to go out and vote!