Til Midnight Airs Their Song “YOU” on All Platforms


Chaz Stringfellow, Former Writer

Porter High School senior Isaac Gudino released a song with his band Til Midnight on January 8 called “YOU”. 

As with any creation there was a long process.  Isaac was still new to everything and it all started around June or July with Isaac buying a guitar.

“[It was] definitely was a spontaneous decision,” Gudino said. “I would blame and thank quarantine for. When it comes to learning something new I can become addicted or sort of obsessive with it.” 

 From there, he quickly picked up how to play chords and riffs. On September 26, 2020 he started on lyrics for YOU. At first, he struggled, but when inspiration struck, he couldn’t stop writing. 

“I never intended this instrumental track or whatever it was to have lyrics,” Gudino said. “It wasn’t until I didn’t try to come up with lyrics they then would just pour out.”

“I didn’t really know much about music theory so I just played two chords and looped them around the track,” Isaac said.

He didn’t have a computer so he got an app with the name of a band lab, and started adding other instruments.

By September 30 he had the first verse and pre chorus, it was at this point Isaac said he knew two things. 

“One: I wanted to make it something, maybe not big, but something just to have or be able to say I did. Two: I can’t sing so I need a singer.” 

As a drummer for his church Isaac had a connection with a singer there. 

“I ended up reaching out to Danae Montes who is pretty much one of my childhood friends,” Gudino said. “I sent her a video of my sister singing the part since I was too embarrassed.”

Montes accepted immediately, and the two began developing the song together. By November 12, they had a song, but their audio mix was still amateurish. They were in luck. Through a friend, they came in contact with a professional audio engineer.

“Danae showed the song to Nef Prieto, one of our mutual friends from church, and he absolutely loved it. He reached out to one of his friends who is a professional audio engineer and he absolutely loved it and was willing to mix the song for us.” 

The serendipity of it all was almost overwhelming for Gudino and Montes.

“It was as if I was living in a make believe world that I had created in my head. Everything came together so perfectly.”

Indeed everything seemed to come together so nicely for him and his friends. Now their plan is to spread the word on their shared creative endeavor. Supporting local creators is something that takes no investment besides time.

“So that’s where we are at now just trying to find ways to get the song out. Every share and listen truly means the world.”

Find “YOU” by Til Midnight wherever you regularly listen to music.