The Inheritance Games


Marnie Allen, Former Editor

Avery Grambs had her future completely figured out. Graduate high school, win a scholarship, and get out. However, her plans are interrupted when the supposed heir of Tobias Hawthorne, a famous billionaire, shows up to take her to the reading of his grandfather’s will. After receiving the shocking news that Avery is set to inherit almost all of the Hawthorne fortune, she quickly learns that Tobias Hawthorne, as well as his family, are much more than they appear to be.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes spares no expense in creating the mysteriously charged atmosphere of her novel, accompanied by a cast of exceptionally dynamic characters. Even so, the plot is slightly marred by its predictability and inclusion of minor clichés.

The personification of the Hawthorne Manor largely contributes to the story’s suspenseful mood, as well as the obscured past of the Hawthorne family. The constant discovery of new wings and puzzles gives the Manor a sentience that’s hard to ignore. Along with their mysterious pasts, the characters’ playful dynamic makes the story highly entertaining.

As far as plot goes, the story was slightly predictable. Once the characters had discovered the next riddle, it was easy to guess how they would solve it. The “chosen one” trope dampens the overall excitement as well. It takes away from the development of Avery’s personality and relationship with the other characters.

Overall, The Inheritance Games was a fun-filled adventure with many humorous moments and intriguing characters. Anyone looking for an engaging adventure will immediately fall in love with this novel.

”Traps upon traps. And riddles upon riddles.”

– Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Inheritance Games