Spanish Club


Hailey Holden, Former Co-Editor

If you are interested in joining the Spanish Club, meetings will be held before school, on Thursday mornings in room M108. Please stop by to pick up a membership application form from the club sponsor Ms. Hernández. Applications are due Thursday, November 12th.

The Spanish Club promotes cultural awareness and understanding, seeks creativity in diversity, and motivates students to do their best academically, socially, and personally. The club welcomes students of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Members will be required to be in good academic standing in order to join and be able to participate in club functions.

“We want members to come in with an accepting and open mind,” Hernández said.

The Spanish Club provides PHS students and staff with a better understanding of the Hispanic culture.

“Since our first year, our club and Foreign Language staff have been dedicated to introducing the proud heritage of the Spanish language to PHS in an effort to promote cultural diversity on our campus,” Spanish teacher Mr. Cardenas said. “Events such as the Hispanic Heritage Month, Día de Los Muertos, and Cinco de Mayo allow us to involve all PHS students and staff through cultural presentations, music, and dance.”

The club is not only an organization, but it’s a way for members to meet new people with the same passion for the Hispanic culture.

“The Spanish club is where I found myself and was able to relate to other people,” 2019-2020 historian Guadalupe Perez said.

According to Principal Cesar Condarco, the club helps students to connect with the Latin American heritage even if they weren’t brought up around it.

“With some of the productions they put on in school, Day of The Dead, Cinco de Mayo, and the Toy Drive, they allow students to come and understand the Hispanic community,” Condarco said. “Speaking with my family back in Mexico it’s a really big deal. Growing up here we didn’t get to do those types of things.”

Club leaders plan to spread cultural awareness around the campus and community.

“The Spanish Club strives to educate the students of Porter High School about different cultures and historical figures in Latin America while making it fun,” 2019-2020 president Minnor Pacheco said. “The Spanish Club is a charitable organization that loves giving back. Being the former President of the Spanish Club was an honor!”