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The Official Newspaper of Porter High School

The Spartan Oracle

The Official Newspaper of Porter High School

The Spartan Oracle

Senior Shoutouts


Chaz Stringfellow
I…. had the time of my life….. and I owe it all to you, porter staff and students
but also I’m never gonna give you up

Mario Castro
To my band family, you got this next year! Work hard and try to listen as much as possible! To my percussion family, stay wild and enjoy high school as much as you can! To Alma Reynaga, keep your grades up and stay calm! You’re gonna be amazing!!

Mr. Clark’s CNA Class
I want to wish you all the best as you go out into the medical field. We have had some rough patches this year and with not doing any clinicals it has been tough. You as a group have overcome this and done an outstanding job. Good luck , Keep in touch.

Jose Alvarez
Cry out to me. And I will answer you, and I will teach you great and hidden things that you do not know- Jeremiah 33:3

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Laurina Landry
When I first got to high school everyone told me how fast high school was going to go. I didn’t believe them, I thought it was going to be a long four years. It turns out they were right and now I will be graduating soon and starting a new chapter. It was a good run and I loved everything high school had to offer and the many events and the atmosphere sometimes. Thank you Porter high school for being my second home and educating me. I will miss it but not much because it’s school after all! Thank you to all the teachers I’ve had since freshman year to senior year!

Daniel East
Be whoever you are and whatever you want to be. Goodbye Porter High, I’m gonna miss you!

Arely Vargas
They said, “High School goes by fast!” I thought they were joking. Feels like just yesterday I walked into school as a freshman.

Ashton Smith
I’m thankful to have gone to Porter High school for all four years and I really enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies at lunch every year. Thanks to all my teachers that made learning fun and passing the classes easy.

Yitzi Sosa
It is what it is.

Tyler Ramage
Good Luck!

Jesse Galindo
I have been a member of the PHS band program for four years. This program has given me unbelievable experiences throughout my time at PHS. I have had an amazing four years at PHS and I couldn’t be more grateful for how supportive the staff has been. They have given me all the tools that I have needed to be successful and they have pushed me to be the best that I can be every single day. To the trumpet section, you guys are awesome! I couldn’t be more grateful to lead you on and off the field. I can’t wait to see you guys dominate for years to come!

Ms. Renee Blakeney
Dream Big! Change the World! Congratulations 🙂

Andres Martinez
Depression helps when you’re trying to bring up your grades.

Rebecca Shuman
I’d like to thank all of my teachers throughout these four years that have taught me and been kind to me. A few special thank yous to Mr. Wilke, Ms. Mauck, Coach Kunkel, and Mrs. Espitia for making class fun and goofy. Thank you to Mrs. Reece, Ms. Karn, Ms. Ogata, Dr. Nowell, and Ms. Torres for pushing me to my limits and teaching me how to do better.

Nyla Lee
I want to give a farewell to Mrs Woodard. Ever since I was a freshman she has encouraged me to give 100 percent everyday. Every morning I would look forward to going to her class because of her uplifting personality. She always checks on her students if they seemed down all the while setting high expectations for them. I would also like to give a farewell to my friend Yoali (Monique) Mata. Moni has become one of my biggest inspirations and continues to keep pushing me forward in life. She works after school everyday while keeping a bright smile on her face.

Alfonso Flores Jr.
Mi amor, my love, mom chéri, farewell c-hall restroom. I will absolutely not miss walking into the restroom, seeing at a minimum 20 guys in there, with pee all over the stalls, toilet seats, floors, and walls, along with the rest of the disgusting filth that probably bred a new strain of the bubonic plague. I’ll also dearly miss the school lunch, and the uncooked, medium raw hamburger meat, topped off with plastic lettuce and tomato that tasted like absolutely nothing, which still for whatever reason, always sent me on an hour long adventure to the restroom. That all being said, I will cherish all the memories I’ve made here, not only with the restrooms, but with my friends and teachers, Mr. Willke specifically, who has influenced me to constantly be a better version of myself ever since I joined his class my sophomore year. Now graduating, I’m glad I got to have these memories, as I wouldn’t have had it any other way. <3

Levi Martin
I don’t really have a message for anyone but if I were to say something I would be to keep your head in the game so that you can get your work done and graduate.

Zina Robinson
This will be the most memorable Senior class for me. You have been through pandemics, winter storms, heavy rains, floods, online learning and much more. But you worked hard and you persevered! Look at you now…going out into the world as mature and strong young adults. You will definitely be missed!!! Please stay safe, take care, and give 110% at everything you do. GO SPARTANS!

Meagan Schultz
I would like to thank everybody that I’ve met during my high school experience who have not only made great memories with me, but have made me grow so much as a person and helped me accomplish great things in life. Also, thank you guys for helping me pay my rent. I wish everybody nothing but the best and I hope that everybody has a great future and that they start this new chapter of their life positively.

Peyton Providence
Thank you to the one and only Ms.Hooper. You are a living legend and will forever be known as Coach Hooper. You are the best and will always forever be the best teacher even though I did online. I will miss you dearly.
-Love your favorite student ever…Peyton Providence

Sa’Niya Stevenson
To all freshman, sophomores, juniors, and upcoming seniors…..DO NOT GIVE UP! I promise everything is worth it in the end. Follow your heart and don’t let people block you or stand in the way of your dreams. Push through and keep your head up as high as you can.

Jovany Garcia
I want to thank everyone at PHS for making me a better person and guiding me to the right path. Unfortunately my time is over here and I’m onto better things. Shout out to Mrs. DeLorenzo for being the best teacher in PHS and to my soccer coaches, Coach Kunkel and Coach McDougald helping me become a better athlete.

Ashley Lanham
Enjoy high school while you can because before you know it you will be in your cap and gown staring at your class wondering where the time went. Stand in what you believe in and don’t let others tell you that you can’t do something. Prove them otherwise!.

Jasmin Munoz
Make your beginning an art and make the ending a greater art!

Kiaunna Harden
Dear Coach Leonard,
I want to say thank you for everything ! You’ve always been there for the team … you guys made volleyball season so fun! I would want to redo it over again just because of you guys . You didn’t just make us a team, you made us a family. I will never forget the funny and goofy memories we had. I just want to say I am blessed to have a family like PHS VOLLEYBALL!

Amber Hubbard
To the underclassmen, it probably won’t get any worse.

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