Porter Volleyball Playoff Appearance


Debanny Cerda, Former Writer

The boy’s basketball is finally underway as the ball started rolling last week. The guys are looking for that playoff spot, as they were a few wins away last season ending with a 6-10 record.

The team will be competing in district 20-5A against New Caney, Kingwood Park, Caney Creek, Montgomery, and Lake Creek while adding Cleveland and Dayton into the mix. The boy’s team has four returning players who will be key components to this year’s team. Senior Colby Christian will be leading the pack alongside Luke Currier, Ke’shun Simon, and Caleb Garcia.

¨We have lots of players returning this year and have put in the time, we hope for a playoff run this year,¨ Christian says.

Shifting gears to the girl’s team, they started two weeks ago. They will also be competing in the same district as the boys. Leading the girl’s team, you have seniors Megan Stevenson and Elizabeth Pitzer. The rest of the Varsity squad is a young group hungry for wins.

¨Were exciting with the start of the season, we have a young group but they’re full of talent,” Stevenson says.

The girls lost a crucial amount of seniors who were key players last season. Last season they finished with a record 3-15. They are excited to get back to work and earn a few more wins this season.