Orchestra UIL and Concert


Hannah Hollier, Staff Writer

We want to say a great job to the Porter Spartan Orchestra for a tremendous job on their concert last week. Each Orchestra that played exceeded all expectations. The concert included performances from Concert, Symphonic, and Chamber Orchestra.  

The Concert Orchestra played songs that included Caprice, Canyon Sunset, and Dance of the Tumblers. The Symphonic Orchestra played songs that included Intrada, Appalachian Sunrise, and North Country Legend. Chamber songs included Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 3 Movements 1. Larghetto and 3. Allegro, Reverie, and Serenade No. 9 “Posthorn” Finale. 

“The concert went really well,” Brianna Gonzalez said. “Intonation and dynamics were well executed during the performance.” 

On Friday, March 26, PHS Orchestra competed in UIL and came back with amazing results. Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra won sweepstakes with all ones including sight reading. The Concert Orchestra won two ones and one-two with superiority in sight reading. 

We got to hear from our very own orchestra teacher who described his emotions towards UIL and how it was to have many kids come back to school in-person.

“I am so proud of my students,” orchestra director Mr. Woodard said. “UIL went very well this year. As more and more students came back from remote, we started gaining confidence and preparing for a more normal rehearsal structure.” 

All our orchestra members were very proud of their UIL results as well as their hard work.

“I am in the Chamber Orchestra and for my competition, as you can see from our results, I think we had the best outcome we could have had,” senior Madeline Leguina said. “Our orchestra was well Prepared and we executed very well in the competition across all the orchestras.” 

Thank you, PHS Orchestra, for all the hard work and dedication while representing our school.