Orchestra Spring Show


Hannah Hollier, Staff Writer

The Porter High School Orchestra ended their 2020-2021 music season on May 10 with their spring show. Orchestra’s final show was the theme of resilience which signifies all the hard work each individual put in despite the changes from Covid. Yet, the orchestra would not give up and gave family, friends, and teachers a memorable finale to close out the school year.

The orchestra members enjoyed participating in the spring show and watching how it all panned out, after having to go through some many obstacles and hurdles thanks to Covid, social distancing, winter storms, and more.

“Spring Show went fantastic,” orchestra member Briana Gonazalez said. “This year was a little different because of Covid but it just helped back up our theme even more.”

Orchestra students agreed this year’s theme was relevant to how the 2020-2021 school year went and how it affected their performances, competitions, and practices. 

“Although it was broad, I enjoyed the theme overall and the music selection was good,” junior Elijah Woods said. 

The orchestra team was proud of how much they were able to accomplish not just from the spring show but throughout the whole year.    

“We only had one month to learn our songs for the spring show and it still went great,” Xavier Martinez said. “Not only did everyone do great at the final show but we also got great scores at UIL.”