Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Elijah Woods, Founder/Editor in Chief

My name is Elijah Woods, Editor-in-Chief of The Spartan Oracle. Our goal at The Spartan Oracle is to provide up-to-date information about our school, school district, and community, as well as bring students closer together by highlighting student accomplishment.

One of my favorite parts of shows based in high school was the newspaper, and the way that they worked together to create something not only useful, but something that they were passionate about. When I decided to start a school newspaper, I imagined a traditional, paper newspaper that every student could hold in their hand. However, with easy to use technology that we have today, paired with our digital online learning tools, an electronic solution just made more sense.

I am currently a Junior at Porter High School and am involved in many organizations. I am Vice President of Student Council, Secretary of the Class of 2022, Secretary for Orchestra, and an NHS member. Previously, I’ve been the Vice President/Acting President for HOSA, the D.A.S.H. Committee Chair for Student Council, and a Librarian and Uniform Captain for the Spartan Marching band. Outside of school, I am a leader at School of Rock – Kingwood. I also have my own classic rock band, The Electric Sundaes, and a photography company, Elijah Woods Photography.

I first brought the idea to Ms. Key, an English II Honors teacher, at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Throughout the summer, we started planning, completing the necessary paperwork, and bringing on a second advisor, Mr. Willke, as we knew how big of a task this would be.

Fast forward a few months, and here we are today. It took a lot of work, many hours planning and making sure everything was perfect, along with double checking that we were following all PHS and NCISD guidelines, but we made it. We have a great staff, great advisors, and look forward to what we will bring to PHS and our community.

Although we have a great team, we are still looking for people who love to write and writing comes naturally to them. We are also wanting people interested in design in order to manage the site, making sure everything is technically correct and ready for the public. To apply, use the link in our footer or click the “contact” button in our menu bar.

We are looking forward to a great year and starting something that will be used for decades to come. I’m super excited, and I hope you are too. Welcome to The Spartan Oracle.