Ice Skating in Valley Ranch


Hailey Holden, Former Co-Editor

This holiday season, the Valley Ranch Town Center is hosting their annual ice skating rink event called A Holiday to Remember. This event will be held inside the former Sam’s Club building from December 19th through January 3rd. Most days, the rink will be open from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. On Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve the hours will vary.

For the past two years, the event has been held in a tent next to Randall Reed Stadium. This year the event will be held indoors, providing more space for different activities. Instead of the rink itself, there will be snow slides, train rides, bumper cars, a holiday market, Santa, food, and many other fun activities.

“I know I’m not one to go ice skating but I know I will go down a snow slide, ride the train, or go do bumper cars. I think that it will be way more successful than the years in the past,” event coordinator Kelley Mattlage said.

Some think the event would be a good way for people to get out and enjoy themselves after being distant for so long.

“I think it’s going to give people in this area and generally all of Houston, something to look forward to after a lot of people have been really kind of cooped up and things have been canceled,” Mattlage said.

According to property management vice president Jason Blackmon, the event will bring more attention to the community and the Valley Ranch Town Center.

“I think this event will bring our community members together. It will also help our local businesses gain more customers,” Blackmon said. “Here at the Valley Ranch Town Center, we do our best to keep our tenets happy, hosting an event like this will definitely do so.”

According to community member Dimitra Fatten, having a local event like this can be quite compelling.

“I’m really excited to take my kids to the rink,” Fatten said. “There’s nothing like this around this area, so I will definitely be going.”

This event allows people more opportunities to gain new experiences.

“I always look forward to this event because it’s a great way for students and the community to spend their time trying new things,” senior Adrianna Guerrero said. “I look forward to inviting many of my friends and I can’t wait to teach them how to ice skate!”

For more information about the event, please use the link below