Alyssa Gonzalez, Former Editor

Due to Covid-19, our school will not be able to hold our Annual Homecoming dance. In lieu of this, the Student Council is working very hard to provide us with a fun and memorable spirit week, with dress up days and contests, before the game that Friday.

This year’s anticipated homecoming game will be held on November 20th, at the Randall Reed Stadium as per usual and our team will be going up against Magnolia West.

“I am glad we are having our Homecoming game this year, it is great to see our current, former, students and players show their support for PHS.” football coach Mark Newton said.

Despite the initial uncertainty of whether homecoming this year would be completely canceled or not, the Student Council has come up with numerous events to take place that will be just as thrilling.

“StuCo is planning a spirit week, a hall decorating contest, a mum contest, and a playlist for passing periods.” Student Council sponsor Tanya Easley said. “Our theme for the week will be Dancing Through The Decades,”

November 16th through the 20th are the current specified days for these events.

“Each day we will have songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and Today’s hits. We will pick a song from each decade to drive our dress for that day,” Easley said. “For example, Surfing USA was released in 1963 so maybe we will dress like surfers (school appropriate of course!) on our 60’s day. Those details are still in the planning stages.”

Although there will be no dance, there will still be a Homecoming court. It will consist of multiple students from which each class will choose their royal court representative.

“The homecoming court process is the same every year,” Student Council Vice President Eli Woods said. “Our advisor, Mrs. Easley, sends out a Google Form to teachers so they can nominate students. Once all of their nominations are received, a Google Form with all of the nominations get sent out to students so that they can vote for each category.”

As of now, there has been no other indication as to what else will take place that week. However, be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements as more plans get finalized.

“Although we won’t have a dance, we are continuously coming up with ways to have a great homecoming week,” Woods said.