Golden Grace Showcase


Jackie Hernandez, Co-Editor

Last Wednesday, the Golden Graces performed in their annual showcase. They performed all the dance routines that they will compete during the 2021 season. There were a total of 22 dance routines performed in the showcase, including solos, team, and officer routines. The Golden Grace opened their showcase with their Rock and Roll Team Jazz routine.  

¨I remember every detail and yet it all feels so unreal,” Alexis Large said. “The best part of being a dancer is hearing the audience go crazy after the performance and having the satisfying feeling that you killed the routine.” 

Abigail Smith, one of the two freshmen on the team, got a chance to perform a solo on the night of  the showcase. 

¨I am not new to dancing but I have never been on a team so big and close,” Smith said. “I am also grateful to be able to showcase my solo as a freshman. A lot of hard work has been put into our dances, including my solo.” 

For many Graces, the showcase has been one of the most memorable performances they have had this year. 

“Before we all got changed we had a dance party in the dance room and blasted our music to the max on our speaker,” Large said. “Our lyrical routine to “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi, was so emotional I could see many people in the crowd engaging with us while we danced.”  

The night came to an end after the Golden Grace team performed their Team Pom routine, according to the Graces, they learned this dance about a month and a half ago.

¨Our Team Pom routine to “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande was the best it’s ever been,” Large said. “With us learning this dance only about a month and a half ago, we all came together to end our night with a show stopper!”  

Even though this year has been difficult for the Golden Graces, because of the pandemic, the Graces still managed to push through and manage to pull off the showcase. The Graces can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for them.

¨We are so proud of the Graces and all the hard work they have put into preparing for contest season,” Ms. Juliana Yolland said. “They have overcome any obstacle this year has thrown at them and continue to rise above all our expectations.”