Girls Soccer Start of District


Samantha Cerda, Staff Writer

As try-outs came to an end, the official 2020-2021 Lady Spartans soccer team began preparing for this year’s season. With the team eager to participate in the game they love most. With new players, new skills, a new district, and a fresh start, the team couldn’t be more excited for what this upcoming season will bring them.

The Lady Spartan Soccer team began their season during the pre-winter break with a scrimmage against Willis. The Willis Wildkats traveled to take on your Lady Spartans on their home field. Our Lady Spartans came out victorious, beating the Wildkats 4-0. Goals came from Lizzy Stalter in the first half, followed by Mariam Gomez, Stalter, and Nicole Valle in the second half.

Right before students returned back from break, the Lady Spartans traveled to North Shore to take on the Mustangs. They came out victorious with a score of 3-2. Lizzy Stalter scored two goals and the last goal was put in by Mariam Gomez. Both ladies also contributed with an assist each.

Over the last few weeks, your Lady Spartans have traveled and competed in two tournaments. The girls fought hard but lost their games in the first tournament against Nederland, Clear Creek, and Summer Creek Highschool. During their second tournament the Lady Spartans came back to conquer and won 2 out of 3 of their matches against Bayton, Willis, and Magnolia. 

Last week they took on the C.E King Panthers in their own den, beating them with 2 goals, both scored by Jasmine Marquez and assisted by Mary Elizabeth West. Overall the Lady Spartans are more than ready to begin the district matches. Best of luck to them!

Here is the schedule for your Lady Spartans Soccer Season 2021


1/26 Dayton, @Porter HS  @7:30 pm

1/29 @Cleveland @7:30 pm

2/2 Caney Creek, @Randall Reed Stadium @7:30 pm

2/ 5 New Caney, @Randall Reed Stadium @7:30 pm

2/9 Lake Creek, @Porter HS @7:30 pm

2/12 @Montgomery @7:30 pm

2/16 Kingwood Park, @Randall Reed Stadium @7:30 pm


2/19 @Dayton @7:30 pm

2/23 Cleveland, @Porter HS @7:30 pm

2/26 @Caney Creek @7:30 pm

3/2 New Caney, @Porter [email protected]:30 pm

3/ 5 @Lake Creek @7:30 pm

3/9 Montgomery, @Randall Reed Stadium @7:30 pm

3/12 @Kingwood Park @7:30 pm