Getting to Know the Commits


Debanny Cerda, Former Writer


Caleb Evans-Pickens, The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

Senior Caleb Evans-Pickens picked The University of Mary-Hardin at Baylor to continue his academic and athletic career in football. He chose UMHB because it’s the number one ranked Division 3 school and it’s a great campus. Evans-Pickens has been playing football for about 10 years of his life. His greatest achievement in football was being able to play at the Varsity level for 3 years.


Josey Nunn, Colorado State University-Pueblo

Senior Josey Nunn chose CSU because of the location and the volleyball coach. The campus itself is beautiful and the scenery around the school is really nice too. The coach made a huge influence on her, but so did her parents. They both fell in love with the school and loved the idea of her exploring other places and getting to meet new people. She’s been playing volleyball since the 7th grade, and competitive club for 4 years now. Her greatest achievement is being 1st team All-District for 2 years in a row as well as going to playoffs her senior year.


Zane Adams, The University of Alabama

Sophomore Zane Adams announced his commitment to the University of Alabama to continue his baseball career. He’s been an Alabama fan his entire life. On top of that, he’s always had good connections with the coaches. Most of his family lives there, so they would be able to support him at his games. Adams fell in love with the location and baseball program. His dad had the biggest impact on his baseball career. Adams’s father has been there through the entire recruitment process and teaching him the game. He’s been playing this sport since he was 5 years old. When asked about his biggest accomplishment, he said it was to commit to the next level. However, it’s too early for him to tell if this is his biggest accomplishment since it’s not his final goal. 

Jake Tatom, Sam Houston

Junior Jake Tatom announced his commitment to Sam Houston State earlier this past summer.  One of the main reasons why he chose Sam was because they showed the most interest in him. Another thing he liked about the school was that it was super close to home, which will make it easier for his parents to come to watch him play. He’s been playing since the age of 4 and has loved baseball since. His greatest achievement is being able to play at the next level. He feels as if his dreams are finally coming true.

Conner Westenburg, McNeese State University 

Senior Conner Westenburg announced his commitment to McNeese State University earlier this summer. He chose McNeese because of its atmosphere and all full turn field. It’s also a Division 1. They made him a good offer he just couldn’t refuse and it fit him the best. Westenburg has been playing this sport since he could walk. His greatest achievement is being able to be alongside his brother for his senior year and make it to round 3 in the playoffs.

Seth Sherlock, Alvin Community College

Senior Seth Sherlock committed to Alvin Community College since it’s fairly close to home and showed the most interest in him.  A lot of people influenced him and has helped guide him to make the best possible decision that benefited him the most. Sherlock has been playing baseball for about 14 years now. His greatest achievement is committing to the next level since not many athletes have the opportunity to do that.

Domynic Cassell, Richland College

Senior Domynic Cassell committed to Richland College. This school showed the most interest in him which influenced his decision. It also has one of the best academic programs in all junior colleges. As far as the baseball team is concerned, they are a 4-time national champion, so Cassell knew the coaches and players were amazing. His biggest influence is his family and he wants to make his family proud in everything he does. He has been playing baseball since he was 3 years old, as his mother pushed him to become the best version of himself that he could. His biggest achievement in this sport is being able to establish great friendships and to be able to call his teammates family.

Chase McMillan, Kansas Wesleyan University

Senior Chase McMillan committed to Kansas Wesleyan University to further his career in baseball. He fell in love with the atmosphere at KWU and felt that it was like a second home. He loved the baseball program and the feel of a small campus. His parents and summer ball Coach Andrew Riddick influenced him the most. McMillan has been playing baseball since he was 4. His biggest achievement in this sport is being able to have the opportunity to continue his baseball and academic career.

Colby Christian, Temple College

Senior Colby Christian committed to Temple College to continue his baseball career. He chose this school because he loved the environment and goals they have for each player. He likes the idea of a small school, a feature he really enjoyed. Christian was influenced by his parents and summer ball Coach Andrew Riddick. They loved the coaching staff and the college and knew it was the best fit for him. Christian started playing ball at a very young age. His brother introduced him to the game and he fell in love with it. His biggest achievement was in his sophomore year of high school when the team made school history by going three rounds deep into the playoffs.

Jace Russell, LSU Eunice

Senior Jace Russell committed to LSU Eunice. He liked the location and the staff was very welcoming. Russell chose this school because the baseball program is very good and liked the small school atmosphere. He has been playing baseball since he could remember. His biggest achievement in this sport was going three rounds deep in the playoffs in 2019 while playing alongside his older brother Zane.


Kyla Heine, McLennan Community College

Junior Kyla Heine committed to McLennan Community College this past summer to further her softball career. She felt very comfortable and it just felt like home. The campus and facilities were beautiful overall, Heine explains. Her favorite part was how there was a river right behind the softball field. All of her family has been college athletes so she knew that’s something she wanted to do. Heine has been playing softball for 13 years. Her greatest achievement is being able to have the opportunity to play in college.