Freshman Experience


Noah Mabry, Staff Writer

A student’s freshman year is often identified as an important stepping stone in one’s education. It is the start of a person’s high school career, and the beginning of the best years of many students lives. However, the 2020-2021 school year has been full of a variety of problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from greater difficulties learning, all the way to increased emotional stress and anxiety.

At the end of the 8th grade year and the start of the 9th grade year, the class of 2024 was forced to resort to online school as their only option for learning.

“It all felt very sudden at first” freshman Isabella Bustos said. “The beginning of the 9th grade year felt dragged.”

Thankfully, a few weeks into the school year, the students were given the option to return to on-campus learning. While some were not thrilled by this, many students were happy to return to campus for learning.

“I was rather happy to return to on campus learning,” said Jase Gable. “I was looking forward to more in depth instruction as well as seeing friends again.”

After interviewing a handful of students about their first semester experiences, all of them exhibited similar opinions when comparing online to in person. Whether it be getting to ask your teacher questions or getting to socialize with friends, the freshmen students all agreed on the same fact: That on-campus is way better than online school.

“It was better for me because I learn by being hands on,” freshman Trinity Rodriguez said. “While online you would be on your Chromebook 24/7, the only one on one help you get is when you are able to join a Zoom meeting.”

Not all students returned at first. Some students, like freshmen student Hannah Hollier, returned a little later than most. Hannah stated that the transition between online and in person school was a very “swift transition” and that in person school had a lot less distractions than online at home. This was an ideal shared by most of the students who are now in person. I also got a chance to interview freshmen Isaiah Chapuseaux, who is a band student in Porter High School’s outstanding Spartan Marching Band. Although this year’s marching season has been far from normal, Isaiah has been having a very exciting experience and has stated that being in the band has helped him to start many new friendships and to have a great beginning to his school year.

“This school is very fun. I really appreciate the teachers and staff here. It is a great learning environment!,” said Shaylee Senn.