February Staff of the Month

February Staff of the Month

Hannah Hollier, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Porter High School’s counselor assistant Mrs. Janice Hamilton for being the February Staff of the Month! PHS thanks you for working your hardest to make every student here at Porter happy.  

“I absolutely love coming to PHS every day,” Hamilton said. “I love to smile and help the students and staff in any way that I can.”    

Each and every one of us loves all the hard work Mrs. Hamilton puts in for our students.

“Mrs. Hamilton is one of the nicest and helpful staff members in this building,” Mr. Davidson said. “She helps students and staff on a regular basis.  Always happy and cheerful and going out of her way to make sure that everybody is taken care of.  Her positive attitude is contagious.”   

Mrs. Hamilton is always positive and welcomes anyone around her.

“Mrs. Hamilton puts up with all of the counselors needing something from her at all times as well as students and parents,” counselor Melinda Knight said. “She is always so happy to help everyone. She smiles more than anyone I know and truly makes everyone feel welcome in the counseling office!” 

Our amazing counselor’s secretary is great at keeping everything in control and organized.

“She is always friendly and caring towards our students,” counselor Amy Voltz said. “We absolutely could not live without her in the counseling center. She serves each of us in a different way, for me she is crowd control when I have students coming to my office with passes.”

Most importantly, Mrs. Hamilton is so caring and helpful towards everyone.

“She’s super sweet and understanding,” Ms. Moore said. “Always doing her best in the office to make it easier for the people that work there with her and everyone that comes in.”