Curtis Pearce Makes History at PHS


Debanny Cerda, Former Writer

While living in Texas, the most common sports you see are football and baseball. However, Curtis Pearce took a different route and decided to play ice hockey. Which is definitely not something you see often in Texas. This year, Pearce was the first student at Porter to letter in Ice Hockey.  

He’s been playing this sport for about three years now. Once he began playing he just couldn’t stop. Pearce instantly fell in love with the rink and the reactions he gets when he tells others that he plays ice hockey.  

“It catches everyone off guard, they’re always so confused,” Pearce said. 

His greatest accomplishment in this sport would be winning the Adams Cup for Adams Prep in the ISHL in 2019.

A future dream he has is to establish an ice hockey team here at PHS.  

“I think it’ll make people realize that hockey is coming down south and that maybe sometime in the future we’ll have a high school hockey team,” Pearce said. 

As he plays for Cy-Woods High School and has a hockey team, he would love to get the opportunity to compete with Porter High School as a Spartan.

“[One thing I] want to accomplish this year is to win the Dallas Tournament Championship with my Porter Spartan helmet,” Pearce said. “Knowing that every time I’ve stepped on the ice that season, I hear and know that I’ll be representing my home, the Porter Spartans. That also means that our team has worked hard to get where we are.”