College Applications First Hand


Charlie Huynh, Former Editor

From the application process to the acceptance letter students, have the difficult task of choosing a school that is right for them. Senior students are rushing to submit applications, scholarships, and letters of recommendation in order to get into their desired school and program before the deadline.

“Get started early,” senior Andrea Gutierrez said. “I’m talking at least right at the beginning of your senior year or even in the summer!”

Many students are feeling the tedium of applications requiring essays and transcripts.

“Applications can be very stressful and time consuming, but knowing that your hard work through your 4 years of high school will finally pay off makes it worth it,” senior Pablo Sosa said.

Even before getting into essays and filling out forms students have to have specific colleges they want to apply to prior to even starting the entire application process.

“I think it’s important to keep your options open,” senior Micaela Gumban said. “It’s great to have a dream school but make sure you have other schools so you don’t feel so pressured or nervous when college decisions start coming in.”

Getting the opportunity to attend college isn’t something random, so taking the time and being extremely meticulous could change you from being rejected to being accepted.

“College applications are pretty smooth sailing, as long as you get started on time then the process should theoretically be a breeze,” senior Andrea Gutierrez said. “I regret starting my applications so late as I was already busy enough with school and work and then I had college applications on top of all that.”

Continuing education after high school is not for everyone, so finding the right path for your desired career is a good place to start.

“College is a big commitment and requires a lot of money so take your time with it,” Gumban said.