Boys Track Has Eyes on the Prize


Debanny Cerda, Former Writer

Coach Chris McDougald was made the boys track coach last season and he made an impact. However, the season was cut short due to COVID before the lockdown. McDougald describes it as an unfortunate event. Many athletes were just starting to peak. He believes many would have qualified for regionals which isn’t easy.

This season Coach McDougald has a strong leading group of seniors. The senior class is composed of Luke Cordle, Caleb Evans-Pickens, Austin Perkins, Mark Corona, Caleb Morris, and Ethan Dempsey. The seniors have really set an example for the underclassmen.

When it comes to practice, it’s always competitive. No matter who’s on the line next to you the boys ready to compete in every single rep. 

“The atmosphere in practice is definitely competitive in practice,” Cordle said. “We tend to get away from what percent we are supposed to be going at in each rep and just race. We all have a competitive nature in track to be faster than each other.”

For these athletes competing is like second nature to them. In and out of the weight room they all want to get better in everything and strive for greatness. 

“At practice, the workouts are very challenging but to help face that adversity we compete with each other on a high level which makes each practice very competitive,” Perkins said. “The seniors lead the way and take charge making sure that everyone is working hard and getting better, this mentality comes with tons of energy and excitement every day.”

While the energy at practice is very competitive among all grade levels, times have dropped since the start of practice. Competing becomes second nature to these boys. Winning it all would be the goal. Since COVID only 8 teams will be allowed to compete in every meet. Fewer teams mean fewer heats which benefits everyone.  We can definitely see the boys have a successful season.   

Track Meet Schedule

2/11 Splendora Wildcat Relays

2/19 Katy Paetow Relays

2/25 Spartan Relays

3/4 Herriman Relays, New Caney

3/11 Galena Park Relays

3/26 C.E. King Relays

4/7 – 4/8 20-5A District Meet, Turner Stadium