Boys Basketball 2nd Round of District


Shane Clemmer, Contributing Writer

Recently, the Boys Varsity Basketball team played in the first round of their district play. The first round went well as they finished off with a record of 5-3, this puts them in 4th place in the district. As a whole, the team looks like a well-oiled machine out on the court with their consistently good play. 

“As far as district standings go, we are sitting in a good place as the second round begins,” Assistant Coach Cody Wynn said. “This late in the season there really aren’t any major fixes that happen and the team has really locked into what we are trying to accomplish.” 

Head Coach Tobin Reid reciprocated these feelings of accomplishment, wanting to focus on teams they have already played in addition to the wellbeing of his players. He has insisted that his main focus going into round two is keeping everyone healthy and injury-free. 

“Going into the second round, I’m taking it just like I did the first, one game at a time with confidence,” Coach Reid said.

In every high school sport, injuries are a huge thing. Coach Reid wants to make sure every player stays healthy.

“Going into the second round, my mindset is to play positive always, and to play stronger as a team,” senior Colby Christian said. “My biggest worries going forward are staying healthy and making sure we don’t lose easily won games.”

So far the boys‘ have won games against Cleveland, Dayton, Montgomery, and Caney Creek. Most recently they defeated Caney Creek again 36-35 on Saturday, January 23rd. 

The boys hope to keep the wins coming in the next few weeks as they face off  In the next few games, the final stretch of round 2 of district play. Starting off with our very own crosstown rival New Caney on Wednesday.

“In our program, we subscribe to the philosophy of taking care of all the little things and the big things take care of themselves,” Coach Wynn said. “ I have really enjoyed the attention to detail and focus on the objective that this team has shown the past few weeks.”

Although they had a rocky start during the pre-season, your Spartans have prevailed and shown their true colors and are hungry to compete. There’s no doubt that this is one special team, and their recent success is proof that the Porter Spartans are ready for anything coming their way. 


1/27 New Caney

1/30 @Lake Creek

2/03 Montgomery

2/06 @Kingwood Park

2/09 Dayton