Band’s Season Isn’t Over Yet


Zoe Barnhart, Former Writer

Recently the band has been preparing for the UIL marching contest on November 14th. They will be performing their show “American Sketches”, an ode to America. The show is reminiscent of the 2017 show, For Which it Stands, which made it to State and was the senior’s freshman show.

“It’s interesting seeing the growth in our band since my freshman year and how we can apply those new skills to our show this year,” Drum Major Graydon Harrison said.

Many seniors feel the same way about how the band has developed over the years.

“It’s definitely interesting to go back to that dynamic from freshman year and have it reflected in my senior show,” senior Will Norris said.

The band hopes to make straight ones, or a perfect score, as they have for many years.

“Hopefully our skills don’t decline this year so we can make it back to State, and maybe even into State Finals,” sophomore Brandon Kusaj said.

Band students are also preparing for a more individual contest: region band. Region auditions are usually done in person, however it is now being done online to keep students safe. Students will record their etudes (selections of music) and submit them in order to audition. These auditions will be recorded either at home or in the band hall and submitted within the next few weeks.

“I’m nervous about how technology will be since it’s online now, and I wish I could hear the other clarinets in our region so I could know who my competition is,” junior Deanna Harvey said.