“An Evening with Sherlock Holmes” Opens Friday


Alyssa Gonzalez, Former Editor

The Theatre Arts program is excited to announce that they will be having in-person performances of their show, An Evening with Sherlock Holmes. Friends and family can come and watch the performance on Friday, December 11 or Saturday, December 12 at 7:30pm.

“While doing a public show, we will be having a limited number of seats available, along with spacing between each party,” senior Paige Shaddix said. “I am very excited. With the last show being cut short due to Covid, it’s been almost six months since we’ve been on stage. So it’s very exciting to be back on stage, building sets, and hanging out during rehearsal with friends.”

The actors have spent a lot of time preparing for the show by developing convincing and interesting characters that the audience will enjoy.

“I play Sherlock Holmes,” Shaddix said. “It is very interesting to play Sherlock because he is a very different character than myself, he is a brilliant man who can figure out exactly what you’ve done that day just by looking at you.”

To add a fun twist and authentic feel to the show, the actors have even gone so far as to develop British accents.

“As I play Sherlock I even have to walk and talk differently to give off the impression of knowing it all, while also doing it in the english manner of speaking and with a British accent,” senior Chaz Stringfellow said. ”One hard thing to keep in mind, that is different with British accents and American accents is proper sounding; so there are more open mouth sounds on the majority of vowels.”

Many of the actors have expressed that, though this school year has been very different, they are just glad to be able to carry out their passion of performing like many other fine arts programs.

“The show has been extremely refreshing especially since returning from remote learning. Ever since COVID my school motivation has been exceptionally low,” senior Charlie Huynh said. “Returning and being able to see the amazing cast and our terrific director has been very motivating.”

Crowds are limited due to CDC guidelines, preventing the spread of Covid is our main priority, as well as allowing for an entertaining atmosphere while staying safe.

“I am sad that we will have to limit our crowd,” senior Abi Cates said. “But I realize that all that the administration is doing is to keep us safe and healthy, and being able to perform in a year like this is a blessing in itself.

For tickets, go to portertheatre.ludus.com