A Rivalry Like No Other


Debanny Cerda, Former Writer

The Porter and New Caney rivalry has always been exciting in every sport. Both schools want to be better than the other to prove their place in New Caney ISD.   

Last night, both boys’ basketball teams headed into the game fearless. In the last December matchup, New Caney was victorious. Porter had something to prove last night. Going into the match, both were ranked third in district play, making this a crucial game. Throughout the entire night, it was a back and forth game. Both teams going in and giving it 100% and making the best when they had possession.   

In the first quarter, for two whole minutes, no shots were landing. Porter and New Caney both rebounded each other’s shots. Porter took the first point after this stalemate with a 3 pointer by Luke Currier. New Caney answered back with a 3 pointer of their own. As the first quarter came to an end Porter led the game 17-9. 

At the end of the second quarter, New Caney was on top. The score was 30-28. Both teams were ready to give it their all as the final stretch began. In the second half of the game, it was back and forth with only a 2 point margin at any given time. New Caney scored and Porter answered back. It seemed as if no one could keep the lead. 

As we reached the final quarter, things were getting heated. Fouls and free throws were a huge game-changer. Both teams were in foul danger as things kept intensifying. Within the last five minutes of the game, New Caney made it to the free-throw line and made both shots, and as did Porter. New Caney went 19/19 on the free-throw line, while Porter went 23/27. 

Porter’s very own Ke’shawn Simon ended the night with 5 steals and 11 points. Another player that contributed to the Porter Spartans win was Colby Christian. The senior had a total of 12 points, in which 3 shots were 3 pointers. Lastly, the player of the game for the Porter Spartans was Luke Currier. Currier ended the night with 24 points and 3 steals. He also went 9/9 on the free-throw line. 

Within the last 30 seconds, New Caney made a 3 pointer and brought the score to 61-59. As Porter made a foul, 2 shots were given, but only one was made, bringing the score to 61-60. Making your Porter Spartans victorious. 

Last night’s win puts the boys in 3rd place for district ranking and potentially playoff-bound. Meanwhile, New Caney is tied for 4th with Cleveland in the district. The next games will be crucial for both teams. Anything could happen.