Volleyball season ends on a high note


Samantha Cerda, Staff Writer

Getting deeper into fall also comes with the end of the 2021 Lady Spartans Volleyball season. With no doubt in mind, the girls have had an outstanding season this year. Finishing the season in district 7-7, placing fourth in district  7-7. Overall their record finished the season with 18-20. 

“This 2021 season was genuinely one of my favorite volleyball experiences ever. The memories I’ve made with these girls are to forever be cherished,” junior, Angela Ruiz said. “From our first tournament in Huffman to our last game against College Station, I can say my team has greatly improved. With the help of Coach Elizondo, Leonard, and Dean; they are truly passionate about volleyball and thrived for the team to improve all season.”

The girls advanced to playoffs as well and got the chance to play at the Sam Houston court in Huntsville, Texas where they went against the Lady Cougars. Although they fought hard the ladies came up short. Nevertheless, we’re extremely proud of their hard work and the accomplishments they’ve made this past season.

“I’m really looking forward to keeping growing out the legacy the seniors left, the varsity girls hold so much strength on and off the court. Their family mentality, great hustle, and talent they all withhold really motivate me to continue to work and keep the hard work coming,” sophomore, Amiya Brown said.

Photo by Picture taken by PHS staff.