Cultural Celebration brings out variety of performers; fun for all


Amy Ajibade, Staff Writer

Spanish Club hosted its annual Cultural Celebration showcase on Tuesday, May 16th. The Cultural Celebration, which welcomes all students to participate in showing their individual cultures, attracted the attention of many students, with hundreds attending the show during the day. Many students eagerly raved about the performance which was just as, if not more, successful as the one hosted last year.

Many of the performers, such as the Mariachi Band, had numerous rehearsals in the lead-up to the event to make sure their performances would go as planned.

“So we did many after-school rehearsals this year because this is the final show of the year for us,”  Mariachi member Mirna Ramirez said.” There was a lot of planning and talking it out.”

The celebration was a success for the Spanish Club since it gave students a chance to show off their culture and allowed the performers and audience members to have a great time.

“We had a lot of fun, been singing, just trying to make people’s day fun and more interesting,” junior Claudia Galarza said.

One of the most well-received and popular performances was Paulina Morales’ ‘Just Like Fire.’ This performance left people falling at her feet-literally. This demonstrated how the event also enabled individuals to share their passions and talents with the school body. Giving students an opportunity to learn about other people’s cultures and traditions.

“This started as just a small thought, like you know, I’ve never actually done anything in this school, but it’s my senior year why not go out with a bang?” 

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