Boys soccer players gear up for 2022-2023 season


Samantha Cerda, Staff Writer

With December now in store, there are many things to be excited about: holidays, parties, gifts, and more. But for the Porter Spartans Boys’ Soccer Team, there is only one thing on their mind, and that is the 2022-2023 season. 

The odds are looking good with this year’s team, as we have a significant contribution of skilled and experienced players. With at least half of the team involved in successful soccer clubs, it is no doubt that these players have some qualities that´ll play a supporting role in the course of this season’s games and tournaments.

With their first scrimmage coming up on Friday, the boys are looking forward to the start of this long-awaited season. 

Senior Captain, Alex Hernandez, gives us some entail of what they´re looking forward to this season. ¨As a team, we had a lot of success last season and we definitely want to continue building off of that success but as a whole, we also need to understand that what we achieved last year isn’t guaranteed this year.¨ 

¨So coming to training every day with the mindset that nothing is going to get handed to us is very important because there are definitely going to be teams that are going to put up a fight for the district title. We lost 7 key seniors from our starting lineup from last year so it’s also very important for the younger guys to step up and have confidence and trust in Coach Kunkel’s system. Team chemistry is something we’re also working on with the newer guys so we can have that connection on and off the field.¨

We want to wish the boys the best of luck as they move on with their season! Below will be the boys’ soccer schedule, make sure to go out and support our amazing soccer team!

  • 1/5 @ Oak Ridge HS, 8:00 AM (A)
  • 1/6 @ Willis HS, 10:00 AM (A)
  • 1/7 @ Conroe, 8:00 AM (A)
  • 1/10 @ Fulshear, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 1/13 @ Paetow, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 1/17 @ Montgomery, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 1/19 @ Barbers Hill, TBA (A)
  • 1/20 @ Terry, TBA (A)
  • 1/21 @ Summer Creek, TBA (A)
  • 1/24 @ Royal, 7:30 PM (A)
  • 1/31 @ Dayton, 7:30 PM (H) 
  • 2/3 @ Lufkin, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 2/10 @ KPark, 7:30 PM (A)
  • 2/14 @ Nacogdoches, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 2/17 @ Huntsville, 7:00 PM (A)
  • 2/24 @ Dayton, 7:00 PM (A)
  • 2/28 @ Lufkin, 6:00 PM (A)
  • 3/3 @ KPark, 7:30 PM (H)
  • 3/10 @ Nacogdoches, 7:30 PM (A)
  • 3/14 @ Huntsville, 7:30 PM (H)