TAFE club is looking for new members; excited for new year


Briana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Texas Association for Future Educators (TAFE) is a co-curricular statewide non-profit student organization created to allow young men and women an opportunity to explore the teaching profession. The organization was created in 1984 to provide the best and brightest high school and middle school students in Texas with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about pursuing careers in education.

This year TAFE has so many upcoming projects that they are exited about. “The thing I am most exited about is growing in numbers,” said TAFE sponsor Mrs. Newcomb. “Especially more people competing this year.”

“I joined TAFE because I wanted to have more knowledge in the education pathway,” said senior Finn Hight. “Also, I can use this knowledge after I pursue my career in the medical field and get to teach others.”

Senior Kindal Hamilton said, “I like participating on things that involve appreciating our teachers and staff.”

Join this year, you don’t have to be in the education program to sign up. For more information about TAFE, see Mrs. Newcomb in L109.

TAFE awards September Staff of the Month to Ms. Maddux.