Students participate in 39th Annual TAFE “Teach for the Stars” state competition


Briana Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Over 1,000 TAFE member around the whole state of Texas had the amazing opportunity to go compete at the 39th Annual State competition. This year’s theme was “Teach for the Stars.”

On March 2nd – 4th, 2023, seven Porter High School TAFE students who advanced to state traveled to Round Rock, TX to compete in different categories. Courtney Hatton, and Macie Garcia competed for Interactive Bulletin Board, Destanee Warren and Kendall Herndon for Children’s Literature Pre-K, Bella Graham for Children’s Literature K-3, Hannah Hollier for Lesson Planning and Delivery CTE, and myself, Briana Gonzalez for Impromptu Speaking.

“It was a fun experience competing and the breakout sessions were really fun.” said senior Kendall Herndon “The feedback I got from judges was that they liked that the book was personal so kids could make a connection, also that it had a socio-emotional aspect”

“My experience at state was inspiring for me and my journey in becoming a teacher” senior Hannah Hollier said.

Junior Macie Garcia said, “I would say just try any event you want. Even though it might be scary or you might be nervous just try it because TAFE is a lot of fun.”

During the event Seniors had a signing event for showing their commitment to the education pathway for college. Kendall Herndon and Destanee Warren signed with Texas A&M, Hannah Hollier signed with Texas Tech and Courtney Hatton signed with Sam Houston.

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  • At Kalahari Resort

  • Interactive Bulletin Board – Macie Garcia and Courtney Hatton

  • Children’s Literature K-3 – Bella Graham

  • Hannah Hollier signing with Texas Tech

  • Destanee Warren signing with Texas A&M

  • Kendall Herndon signing with Texas A&M

  • Courtney Hatton signing with Sam Houston

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