STUCO starts recycling project


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

At the start of the fourth nine weeks, the student council came up with a plan to help the environment by setting recycling boxes at the end of each hallway. The carton boxes located at the end of all hallways allow students to recycle materials such as paper and cardboard.

“I thought this would be a great idea because many of the students as you may know use a lot of paper at school, so it’s the perfect opportunity to recycle,” SUCO environmental committee chair officer Shelby Hernandez said. “It’s to help the environment since many students usually throw away paper and recycling this paper instead will help the environment .”

Allowing students to recycle this project helps to promote helping the environment and to help conserve it. It demonstrates that things may still be put to new purposes even when it isn’t used for what it was intended for, such as the boxes. These boxes serve a function other than being thrown away; they contain the items that students leave behind for recycling which will be reused or converted into new products.

“We had a lot of boxes in our storage closet,” Hernandez said. “I thought of using these boxes instead of throwing them out to help promote and create recycling in our school.”

Teachers and other staff members, in addition to students, can recycle. Students and faculty are encouraged to recycle and contribute to environmental conservation, which is the primary purpose of this program.

“It is important for all of us to recycle because as many might be aware things such as climate change and the waste that people are creating are really hurting our planet,” Hernandez said. “I want this to help the planet one step at a time and I would like this project to continue forever.”