Spanish Club sells bracelet for Pulsera Project


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The Spanish club has begun its annual charity fundraiser, Pulsera Project in which they sell handmade bracelets in order to raise money for people in need in Central America. They will be selling them from January 23 to February 16, for $7  each during lunches.

“They are all unique(pulseras/bracelets) they have different designs,” Spanish Club member, Gala Rosas said .”They have tags in which you can see who actually made them. So you know that the money is actually going to people in central America which is really cool.”

Spanish club sponsor, Tania Hernandez, believes that by doing this non-profit fundraiser students are able to learn things that they might have never thought about such as things some might take for granted.

“Students are reminded to be grateful for what they have,” Ms. Hernandez said. “They are reminded not to take the small things for granted. Many of the things they have available here in the United States are not things that are available to others in other countries.”

The club is determined to raise $500 by selling the bracelets hoping to help out people in need or help students of these central American countries to receive scholarships.

“It’s away Spanish Club and whole Porter Highschool community get to help central America,” Rosas said. “The money we raise we send it back to central America for education and employment. The project helps support central American kids.”

The Spanish club believes this project to be important and necessary in order to help others and make the world a better place following the club’s core values.

“Spanish Club’s core values include community service, culture, education, and friendships,” said Hernandez. “Through the Pulsera Project, we are helping create job opportunities, fund scholarships, and shelter support.”

If you are interested in buying contact a Spanish club member or stop by the cafeteria tables during lunches.