PHS Celebrates Pi Day with yummy treats


Amy Ajibade, Staff Writer

PHS celebrated Pi day Tuesday, March 14th, in celebration of Albert Einstein’s creation of the mathematical Pi symbol. Many students and teachers organized and participated in events crafted for this day.

Several teachers permitted students to bring pies to share with the class. These yummy treats ranged from pie-shaped cheesecakes to brownie pies. 

One of the biggest highlights was the competition that math teacher Tim Rokohl hosted for PHS students to determine who could name as many digits of Pi as they could. Around 8 students participated, with many of them able to recite dozens of numbers following the decimal.

Mr. Rokohl says he got the idea for the competition from his middle school math teacher.

 “I had a teacher hold a pi contest and did the same thing. I had a friend who learned by rote memory up to like 250 digits of pi and spent almost a week just learning them. I think that it is just a silly and fun way to bring a little bit of fun into math,” Mr. Rokohl said. “Pi is a great example of how math can be very messy at times (pi is irrational and never-ending) but at the same time very useful (used to find the circumference or area of a circle).”

“And you never know, you might take some of that seemingly useless information to win an apple pie” Rokohl further said.

Sophia Simmons won the Pi competition by memorizing up to 100 digits. Logan Durham and Ruben Landaverde followed close behind, making it into 2nd and 3rd place.