New school policies for the classroom starting August 2022

New school policies for the classroom starting August 2022

Kori Wilkinson, Staff Writer

Welcome back Spartans! As we know a couple things have changed over the summer. I’m sure you all know about the new school wide policies. The school has implemented these policies to ensure that as students we are staying on task and out of trouble. These new policies include but are not limited to; new phone policy, updated tardy policy, and new hallway rules. 

“I mean I’m not a fan of the phone policy but at the same time I guess it is school so we shouldn’t be on them anyways,” a freshman student

The phone policy has been something that is taking everyone a little bit to get used to so here’s what you need to know. Phones and headphones are not to be used during class, however you may use them in the halls, at lunch, and before the tardy bell rings. The first time you are caught on your phone in class will be a verbal warning. Second time you are caught on your phone it will be a call home. Anytime after two incidents you will be sent to an AP and they could take the phone. 

“My biggest thing with students last year was way too many tardies, I would have at least 10 students late every 6th/10th period, so I’m glad they’re cracking down on them this year,” said an anonymous teacher.

The tardy policy is something we had last year but it has definitely gotten more strict. The first three tardies are warnings, but after three you could face lunch detention, after school detention, ISS, and even a student and parent meeting with one of the admins. Students who park here at PHS if you receive enough tardies you could lose parking privileges. Early release, late arrival, and student aid privileges can also be lost if you have an excessive amount of tardies. 

As we all know the hallways in the mornings are very chaotic and crowded. To cut down on inappropriate and illegal activities in the school there have been new rules in the halls that teachers and admins are enforcing. These new rules include: no walking in the back halls in the morning unless you have a class back there, once you go into a hall or room you are to stay there unless told otherwise by a teacher or administrator, and no crowding together in halls. 

As always we are looking forward to a great school year and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this upcoming year. Let’s be on our best behavior so we can continue to have the privileges we do have. Go Spartans!