Mariana Duran Amaya POSSE full scholarship to Carleton College


Jackie Hernandez, Editor


Student Mariana Duran Amaya has received the Posse Foundation Scholarship, which has granted her a 4-year full tuition scholarship. She will be attending Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota after she graduates.

” I am ecstatic,” Duran said.” Having the opportunity to go to college is already rewarding enough, but going to Carleton with my posses warms my heart. I am so ready!”

The Posse Foundation Scholarship is a 4-year full scholarship to one of the Posse Foundation’s partnered colleges. The Foundation’s goal is to send diverse groups of leaders to prestigious schools in order to help individual and community development.

“Posse doesn’t just look at your grades and extracurriculars, the organization takes their time to get to know all their applicants personally and I think that makes the process even more special,” Duran said.

Although the scholarship application, which included multiple interviews, was terrifying for Duran. Duran was determined to impress the Posse staff and have fun.

“At first, I was very intimidated by the whole application process; as the interviews themselves lasted about 4 months. Nevertheless, it was super fun”, Duran exclaimed.”I met a lot of cool people and I got to know a lot of the staff at Posse Houston.”

After receiving the news that she received the scholarship Duran was astonished.

“The moment they told me I got the scholarship I could not believe it,” Duran expressed. “I was in such shock I couldn’t say anything but “thank you, thank you.” It was such a fulfilling moment for my family and me. It’s so hard to put it into words but it was surreal.”

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