UIL students place before semester ends


Xavier Martinez, Co-Editor, Graphic Designer

 The Porter High School Academic UIL team went to Atascocita High School, Saturday, December 11 to compete at their second Invitational. This time though, they went without the Speech and Debate team, meaning this was an all-academic event. They took the knowledge gained from their first trial and placed it into their work. 

“Compared to last time, I definitely feel as if I did a lot better and came better prepared,” said Kylie Kunkel. ”Being better prepared, I do feel as if my scores were for sure a lot higher, especially from last time.”

This invitational compared to last was smaller in the sense that fewer schools came to compete, helping our students feel more comfortable. With that, it was also very out of balance. With the Science and Math categories being a lot more competitive than the Reading, and Writing.

In the end, the Porter High School Academic UIL team did a lot better at Atascocita than at Lindale, placing higher and achieving better scores than last.