Student Council spreads the love with Cupid Grams


Cryztelle Corpus, Mary Elizabeth West, Cynthia Banuelos, Alma Hussain

Xavier Martinez, Co-Editor, Graphic Designer

This past Valentine’s Day,  Student Council sold Cupid Grams to students to be given to friends and loved ones during the day at school.  All of the proceeds earned from the Cupid Grams will go towards the “Free the Captives” organization.

“My friends and I sent one to each other because we really wanted to show our appreciation for one another. By doing this small act, we were able to come together to make sure we each had an amazing Valentine’s Day,” said Matilde Ventura.

Students from all grades, as well as teachers and staff, came to buy the carnation flowers for $1.00 for each other. Showing the love and gratitude that Spartans have as a family.

“The cupid grams are for a good cause, raising money for human trafficking,” said Student Council Reporter, Sophia Simmons. “With this small act of kindness, we showed our appreciation to our fellow peers, and they helped us donate money to an amazing cause and organization.”

Free the captives is a faith-based anti-human trafficking non-profit that is here in Houston. Fighting the exploitation of the youth in this horrendous crime. If you would like to donate, please visit their website for more information.