Spanish Club participates in the Pulsera Project; raises over goal amount


Jackie Hernandez, Co-Editor

The Spanish Club raised over $1560 in just eight days for the Pulsera Project, a nonprofit organization that provides financial support to the countries of Nicaragua & Guatemala. This is the 3rd year PHS has participated & they have broken their record of money raised in such a short period of time.

From March 7th through the 18th, Spanish Club sold bracelets in the cafeteria for an organization called the Pulsera Project. Spanish Club sold the bracelets in order to raise money for families in need in Central America. The club reached more than their goal of $1500.

“In the 3 years that we have participated with the Pulsera Project, I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm,” said Spanish club sponsor, Tania Hernandez.

Members of the Spanish club sold the bracelets for $5 each and sold them during all 3 lunches for 2 weeks. Not only were the bracelets sold in the cafeteria but some members volunteered to take some of the bracelets and sell them to family and friends.

“As part of the Hispanic community, I feel called to promote projects such as this one,” said Spanish Club President Mariana Duran. “I find joy in serving my community, and I believe that working in the Pulsera project is a great tool to strengthen cultural bonds within our school.”

With the help of some PHS teachers and other students who wanted to get involved, the Spanish club was able to reach its goal and beat a record by selling 312 and raising $1560.

¨I am always happy to help the Spanish Club, especially with this service opportunity,¨said Spanish teacher Brett Butler.¨We have done this for several years now and it has been a huge success. I also know that the money raised is going to help those in need in these third-world countries. It always feels good to help others when we can.¨

By selling the bracelets, the Spanish club helped raise money to create job opportunities, fund scholarships, and shelter support for people in need in Central America.

¨The Spanish Club at Porter High decided to get involved with helping this cause because the Spanish Club’s core values include community service, culture, education,” said Hernandez.

The Spanish club believes that by selling these Pulsera’s, they were able to educate other students about a foreign culture such as the Hispanic culture.

“I think the Pulsera project is a great opportunity to help Central American communities while educating students in the U.S about foreign cultures. Besides, every single Pulsera is unique,” said Duran.