Spanish club invites everyone to join


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The 2021-2022 Spanish club is looking for new members. Due to only having a few members last year, the Spanish club is ready for more. Spanish club gives opportunities for students to learn about the Hispanic culture and embracing the different aspects of the culture. Club meetings are Thursday mornings at 8 am. To join you must sign a membership form and be in good standing academically.

“Becoming a member is pretty easy,” said Ms. Hernandez, the Spanish club sponsor.

Not only does the club offer opportunities to learn about the culture but also is a place to form friendships and to participate in community service.

“I like friendships. Last year, my first year in Spanish club, I had made a lot of friends. It looks really good on your resume too,” said Riley Newcomb, president of the Spanish club.

The Spanish Club host events like Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia De Los Muertos, Pulseras Project, Cinco De Mayo, and other events where they collaborate with other campus organizations. Most events are either located in M108, the cafeteria, the LGI, or the auditorium. Even though the Spanish club sounds like a club that only Hispanic or Spanish speakers can join, the club accepts any type of students who are interested in learning about the culture.

“We do encourage for students of all ethnic backgrounds to join and it is a really good resume builder. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages so it is very beneficial for them too,” said Ms. Hernandez.

The most upcoming event they are hosting is Hispanic Heritage Month. For this event, the Spanish club will be highlighting important people of the Hispanic, Latino, and Afro Latino cultures. Members are going to research and learn about the Hispanic/Latino people who have made an impact in society and around the world.

In the month of November on the 1st and 2nd day, the Spanish club will be celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. This celebration is about honoring those who passed away and remembering loved ones.

“It is huge celebration in Latin America, especially in Mexico, so it’s kind of of like seeing death in another light. Many Hispanics do believe that there is life after death, so we just want to make it an event about positivity and remembering the good in people,” said Ms. Hernandez

Although some Spanish club events were restricted by COVID, this year they hope they will be able to do the events that they weren’t able to. In 2019 the Spanish club had 35 members, but it decreased in 2020 with only 15, most of them being seniors at the time. They are hoping for students who are interested to join.

If you are interested or have any questions, stop by M108 or email [email protected].