Senioritis hits seniors just in time to graduate


Andrea Lopez

The most common thing to happen to high school seniors in their second semester is senioritis. The main reason for this is lack of motivation because by this time most students have already been accepted by colleges and there is no longer a reason to try as hard. 

As the second semester commences many seniors are feeling the effects of senioritis.

“I have definitely been having trouble turning in assignments and just getting the motivation to do them. Especially for elective classes because it’s not like I’m not going to graduate if I do poorly in those classes, ” said Jasmine Marquez.

“I have been caring less and less about doing school assignments. I realized that as long as I pass it’s not going to affect my going to college or anything. So what’s the point of me doing most of the school work assigned, at this point, I’m just making sure I pass.” said Alexa Martin.

“Now that I have been accepted into my dream college, doing school work feels optional at this point. Also, most of the classes I’m taking I don’t need them to graduate so doing school work has lost its point,” said Leslie Barron.

In reality, the final semester of senior year doesn’t really matter as long as seniors pass the classes they need to graduate. Seniors should have a little much-needed break from pointless school assignments that aren’t going to benefit them in the future. The only thing that seniors need to be cautious about is not overdoing it by not doing anything, which can cause them to completely fail and being on the verge of not graduating from missing classes and assignments.

Furthermore, seniors who are going to go to college, need to be more cautious. Eventually, they are going to go back to having to do school work and some of the classes that they are taking right now will help them with college classes. They could end up struggling in college because they didn’t learn a certain lesson that would have helped them.

However, it’s not something that they couldn’t recover from, they would just be struggling a bit more than they would have to. Senioritis is completely harmless and seniors should just enjoy their last semester of high school and not worry about school.